"I do not know where to start.  I have been through four therapist and Miss Jennie is the first person who I have finally felt does justice for her profession.  She is such an amazing, intuitive therapist.  I love how her gifts make one counseling session as effective as ten!!!  The way she listens and cares is heartfelt and real. I started seeing her because I was having some behavioral issues with my son.  She helped my little guy and I could instantly see the love and care she had for him, the first time we saw her.  The tools for life that she has to offer the two of us has been nothing short than a miracle!!!  There have been a few times where I had a tough time and she made sure to squeeze us into her schedule.  She came up with brilliant ideas to help my son, both behaviorally and intuitively. I also see Miss Jennie for me.  This has been huge.  I think there is a lot of baggage we collect in life.  Miss Jennie is the first therapist who has actually been helping me through all of it.  She has exciting suggestions for me to work on and I feel like she is truly there for me.  I cannot believe I found an intuitive counselor who is just beyond talented.  I cannot imagine that there are many therapist, if any, out there like her!  You owe it to yourself to come see Miss Jennie!  My only regret is not going to her when she was first recommended over a year ago."

-Female, Single Parent, San Diego, CA


"I can't say enough good things about Jennie Abito. I have been seeing her for the past 3 or 4 months and my life has improved significantly. I originally was seeking only couples therapy but ultimately ended up seeing her one on one as well (as I started to feel very comfortable with her early on.) She is very skilled at couples therapy, to which my husband and I have made great improvements. But she is also just as excellent dealing with one on one therapy! In fact, it is in the one on one therapy sessions that I believe I have improved the most so far. We have had many one on one sessions where I felt a sense of complete trust, safety, and comfort (something that is not natural for someone like me). In one particular session I made a HUGE break through in overcoming the hardest issue I've been holding on to for most my life of 31 years. I am truly grateful for this amazing realization and weight lift!  In addition to Jennie being a very real, genuine, caring person, she has gone above and beyond with checking in on me outside of therapy sessions. She has also made time in order to meet me when i needed her help. I would refer Jennie to my closest family and friends and anybody else looking for any type of self improvement. No matter what the issue is, she cares. She is truly a gem!"

-Female, San Diego, CA


"I have talked to many counselors, therapists, etc. and what have you, But Jennie is different, not so much different as she is normal, but with a little extra thrown in. She has been the only one that I have ever talked to that has actually made a difference and connected with me in a way that I really needed and I believe that if you’re in the same place I was, as many people my age might be; a little lost, feeling out of place, disconnected, she’ll be great for you. She’s been great with me, treated me with respect, saw who I was and what I needed, identified it almost immediately, listened, understood and connected with me to the best of her abilities. I'm not sure there could have been anyone else in the world better for what she had done for me and I hope more people, especially people my age and like me, will take this and open up to her."

- Highly Sensitive Teenager, San Diego, CA


"My daughter is a Crystal Child and I am an Indigo. Both of us have benefitted from Jennie's gentle, empathetic, and intuitive approach in our sessions. She is able to connect with my daughter in such a sincere and beautiful way. The tools she has given my daughter to not only understand her abilities and challenges but to master them are monumental in her progress and growth. The shifts since our sessions began are remarkable! 
When we arrive to her office my daughter squeals with delight "Miss Jennie!! Yaaaaayyy!!" and then literally races to the door to see her first. I have referred Jennie countless times and am honored to share her information and have Jennie in our lives."

-Parent of a Highly Sensitive Child, Encinitas, CA


"Jennie is a wonderful, compassionate advocate for intuitive children. Her depth of knowledge combined with her warm demeanor is refreshing. As a sensitive child the world looked much different to me and to my parents. If only I had someone like Jennie to sit with when I was younger, I would have been able to understand and embrace my abilities at an earlier age. I probably wouldn't have been afraid of the Spirits that greeted me during the night and my self-esteem and confidence probably wouldn't have suffered as a result of trying to fit in. I will be turning 55 this year and I have finally have come into full acceptance of who I am. I highly encourage you to speak with Jennie if you or someone you love is showing psychic tendencies. It could make the world of difference to them."

- Merry Street, San Diego, CA 


"I cannot stress enough how beneficial Jennie’s counseling has been in our two teenage boys’ lives. Our younger son is emotionally intense and susceptible to triggers that make it difficult for him to control how he treats people when those emotions take over. Our older son is going through a lot of changes that prompt insecurities and depression. Of course, we did not expect Jennie to “fix” any of this but what we hoped for was that she could offer insight on skills our boys could develop to navigate through these challenges and grow from them. And that is exactly what she has done, far exceeding our expectations. I see them actively practicing the skills they are learning. I see them taking more control over their thoughts and actions, and benefiting from it immensely—at home, in school, in their social lives. Jennie is fantastic at opening channels of communication between our kids and us. She is sincerely invested in empowering people to excel and be fulfilled. I am extremely grateful for all she has done for our family."

-Parent of two Teen Boys, San Diego, CA


"Mrs. Jennie builds rapport with children very easily with her gentle approach.  Children are immediately attracted to her warm smile and her encouraging words.  She understands the world of children and the different stressors that children face now days.  From parents being deployed, to stress caused by academic or social difficulties, Mrs. Jennie has a plethora of different approaches that will fit each child's unique challenges.  Both child and their parent who come out of her group or counseling session walk out with a sense of hope that there is help available and a sense of gaining an ally in a time of need."  

-Eri Nall, School Counselor, San Diego Unified School District


"Jennie was a huge help with my 2 boys. They have a 7 yr age gap and I was having a hard time helping them with communication and just getting along well together. Jennie taught them great fundamentals on basic communication and teaching them how to have respect for each other. As soon as they put those tools she taught each week into practice things improved and I learned a lot too. My boys are getting along and I will forever be grateful to Jennie for that!"

-Parent, San Marcos, CA


"I love having Mrs. Jennie at Walker Elementary!  Having a Military counselor is amazing!  My daughter has a better understanding of what it means to be in the military, as well as why her dad has to leave for months at a time.  In just one day, I saw a huge improvement in my daughter!  I am extremely happy and pleased with my daughters  improvement and I will keep sending my daughter to Mrs. Jennie!"

-Parent, San Diego, CA